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Fans throw currency notes aiming SRK

While Rajinikanth enjoys supreme stardom down South, the Khans too enjoy immense fantacism across the nation. And when there`s a Shah Rukh Khan film releasing, there`s immense buzz and euphoria surrounding the film.

Dear Zindagi has just hit theatres and SRK has a pivotal role in the film which can be easily called one of the best relationship tales in recent times. What seems like an interesting take on modern day relationships, Dear Zindagi is being loved by most who have watched it.

SRK fans have already gone and watched the films in huge numbers. And a video has gone viral on the Internet.

Just like fans had gone crazy during his entry scene in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil where he had a cameo, this video also shows his fans cheering and hooting when he makes an entry in this film.

Not just that, SRK enters the scene with a huge monologue – a fun one on urban living and thinking – which got his fans rooting. They even were seen throwing notes on screen! Now that`s crazy fandom. We just hope the notes were only 100 rupee and the new 2000 rupee notes!

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